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Safety on the Work Site

Safety … it’s priority 1.

On all Sibwest jobs “building quality structures … better & faster”, does not come at the expense of SAFETY. All Sibwest staff have had extensive safety training and have regular “re-freshers” to reinforce the company’s commitment to job safety. In fact, safety is the first order of business on every job. General safety, as well as specific safety protocols that relate to the day’s work activities, are the first order of business every day.

The Sibwest Commitment:

“our responsibility is workplace safety”.

Sibwest is committed, as a corporate goal, to health and safety of all its employees and sub-contractors. Ensuring our adherence with legislation and the safety of all workers from injury and infection while on the job is our daily priority - maintaining communication and H & S education. All staff and labour are expected to adhere to, maintain and convey the company’s and legislated workplace safety protocols/expectations to all other labour on site.

Sibwest promotes and expects staff and labour to be vigilant and stop any potential workplace safety issue from becoming a problem. Any staff or labour who does not work in a responsibly safe manner will have consequences – which may include dismissal.

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